Chic Sale acted on the Vaudeville stage, the legitimate theater stage, and in films during the early days of Hollywood. As a humorist, he created many memorable monologues. His humorous portrayal of a country carpenter, Lem Putt, who specialized in building outhouses in rural America, was published as a book in 1929 and soon, "The Specialist", became a best seller.
Now in its 26th printing, it has sold over 2,600,000 copies worldwide. It has been translated into 9 languages and published in 12 countries.

The next year Chic Sale wrote a sequel entitled "I'll Tell You Why". It has the same humor but is somewhat more subtle and entrepreneurial in nature.

The Specialist Publishing Company, always a family business, is now owned and operated by Chic's oldest grandson, Adam Sale Brown, who enjoys keeping the memories alive and hearing from so many people touched by Chic Sale's humor.

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